Fall outfit / Outfit autunnale / Herbst-Outfit

Watch, Orologio, Uhr; Sheen Casio
Trousers, Pantaloni, Hose; Zara
Shoes, Scarpe, Schuhe; Caprice


Earrings, Orecchini, Ohrringe; QVC
Blouse, Camicetta, Bluse; Schild

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Hello everyone!

Don’t panic I put this outfit together with pieces that I already had in my closet. The trousers were from Zara and I bought them during the December Sale 2016. The blouse is from Schild and must be 2 or 3 years old. My bank account had enough time to recover.

I like these navy blue pinstripe trousers because they fit very well which isn’t very often the case, especially in this style. The majority of the time I end up with a lot of bagginess in the rear which doesn’t look good. The material is rather thick and appropriate for fall. The white cotton blouse is a perfect match. If it gets colder I can always wear a blazer. I chose my grey shoes because they are the same color as the pinstripes. To match the blouse I wore my white watch.

I’m quite sure you’ll have something similar in your closet. Get them out and start wearing some pieces that perhaps have been sitting in your closet for quite a long time and if they really don’t fit any more donate them. There is no point in keeping things that never or rarely get worn. I know it can be very hard to give them away. I’ve been there before, but when I eventually got rid of all the clutter I never wore I was so relieved. Please pay attention not to fall back into the bad habit again.

Do you have items in your closet that you rarely wear? Please let me know, in the comments below. Thanks and have a wonderful time.

In italiano

Ciao a tutte!

Niente panico per questo outfit ho usato solo cose che avevo già nel mio armadio. Ho acquistato i pantaloni da Zara nel 2016 durante i saldi natalizi. La camicetta l’ho presa 2 o 3 anni fa da Schild. Da allora il mio conto bancario ha avuto abbastanza tempo per riprendersi.

Adoro questi pantaloni blu a righe perché mi stanno a pennello cosa che non succede molto spesso, specialmente per questo tipo di pantaloni. La maggior parte delle volte finisco per avere troppa stoffa dietro, e non sta bene. Il materiale è piuttosto pesante ed è adatto per l’autunno. La camicetta bianca di cotone si abbina molto bene. Se fosse troppo freddo posso sempre indossare un blazer. Ho scelto le mie scarpe grigie perché il colore è lo stesso delle righe invece l’orologio bianco va benissimo con la camicetta.

Sono quasi certa che anche voi avrete qualcosa di simile nel vostro armadio. Tirateli fuori ed iniziate ad indossare alcuni capi che magari sono stati nel vostro armadio per un lungo periodo e se proprio non vi vanno più bene donateli. Non ha senso tenere cose che non vengono mai o raramente indossate. Lo so può essere molto difficile dare via le cose. Ci sono passata anch’io, però quando finalmente sono riuscita a sbarazzarmi di tutto quello che non indossavo mai mi sono sentita così sollevata. Occhio a non ricadere di nuovo nella brutta abitudine.

Voi avete nel vostro armadio delle cose che indossate raramente? Per favore fatemi sapere nei commenti. Grazie e buona continuazione.

Auf Deutsch

Hallo zusammen!

Bitte keine Panik ich habe dieses Outfit mit Sachen zusammengestellt, die ich bereits in meinem Kleiderschrank hatte. Die Hosen hatte ich im Dezember 2016 während dem Schlussverkauf bei Zara gekauft. Die Bluse ist ca. 2 bis 3 Jahre alt und ist von Schild. Mein Bankkonto hatte seitdem genügend Zeit, um sich zu erholen.

Ich liebe diese blaue, gestreifte Hose weil sie sehr gut passt was nicht oft vorkommt vor allem in diesem Stil. Die meiste Zeit habe ich zuviel Stoff hinten was nicht gut aussieht. Das Material ist eher dick und gerade richtig für den Herbst. Die weisse Bluse aus Baumwolle passt sehr gut dazu. Wenn es kälter wird kann ich einen Blazer darüber tragen. Ich habe die grauen Schuhe gewählt weil die Streifen die gleiche Farbe haben. Die weisse Uhr passt perfekt zur Bluse.

Ich bin mir fast sicher, dass auch ihr etwas ähnliches in eurem Kleiderschrank habt. Nimmt sie raus, und beginnt Sachen zu tragen, die vielleicht schon eine lange Zeit ungetragen im Schrank herumlagen und wenn sie wirklich nicht mehr passen dann gebt sie weg. Es hat keinen Sinn, Dinge zu behalten, die nie oder fast nie getragen werden. Ich weiss es kann sehr schwer sein, sich von Dinge zu trennen. Ich war auch mal an diesem Punkt, aber als ich es dann doch endlich fertig gebracht habe den ganzen Plunder, denn ich nie getragen habe wegzugeben, war ich so erlöst. Aber passt auf, dass ihr keinen Rückfall in die schlechte Angewohnheit habt.

Habt ihr Sachen in eurem Schrank, die ihr selten trägt? Bitte lasst mich wissen. Ich freue mich auf eure Kommentare. Vielen Dank und eine wundervolle Zeit.

4 thoughts on “Fall outfit / Outfit autunnale / Herbst-Outfit

  1. I like your pinstripe trousers. These pants are classic and stylish. I chose my clothing very carefully so I don’t end up with pieces that rarely get worn. Except some shoes… I keep them anyway because, well I don’t want to brag but my old sneakers from 10 years ago still fit! Seriously, you’re right. Why keep something we don’t wear? We can donate the items to someone we know or bring them to H&M (They collect clothing and recycle them). We can also give them a second life. There are so many DIY projects we can do with the fabric. And it’s good for our planet. Nice reading you Sonja. Hope I’ll have the pleasure of your visit on my blog.-Dominique Stay strong, stay stylish!

    1. Hi Dominique, what a lovely comment and nice to know that you’re only buying clothing that you’ll wear. Well done. I appreciate that you mentioned H&M. It’s a great idea to collect clothing. I subscribed to your blog because it’s so beautiful. Just by looking at it I knew I had to follow you. Tomorrow I’ll read your posts and leave comments. Bye. Sonja

      1. Hi Sonja, I have been reading a few of your posts and I loved them. It seems we do have a lot in common. I can’t wait to get to know you better. Thanks for the lovely comment. Have a great weekend.

      2. Ah Dominique you are so sweet. You won’t believe it but when I saw your blog yesterday evening for the first time I said to myself: She has a similar taste. The pink dress with the flamingos in the background is so me. I wish you too a nice weekend and looking forward to your next post. Bye. Sonja

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