Nominations received in 2017

Hello everyone!

Sorry but I didn’t translate this post in Italian and German because I think it has to be in English.

I started my blog on August 14th, 2017 and two lovely people already nominated me for the following three Awards:

Liebster Award (read my blog post here)

Federica from nominated me. Federica will always have a special place in my heart because she was the first who left a comment on my blog and also the winner of my Birthday Giveaway. She is a very nice young italian women with various interests. Please check her blog out you’ll be amazed. She writes about Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Food, Travel and Wellbeing.

Federica, thank you so much for having nominated me and giving me this opportunity. Grazie mille Federica.

The Blogger Recognition Award (read my blog post here)

Once again I was nominated by Federica from In the meantime she graduated (Doctor in Communication Science). Congratulations Federica.

Federica, thank you so much for this nomination. Grazie mille Federica.

Liebster Award #2 (read my blog post here)

Sarah from nominated me. I’m quite sure most of you will know her if you don’t I highly recommend to check out her stunning blog. I like what she writes on her About page; “This is just an average blog. Nothing fancy, nothing special.” Well my dear Sarah, YOU are very special an open-hearted person extremely friendly and helpful. I truly like your posts and I’m always looking forward to your next one. It makes me always laugh when you write let’s chit chat because I adore that expression.

Sarah, thank you so much for having nominated me and giving me this opportunity.


Thank you very much for reading my post and of course special thanks to Federica and Sarah. You are both amazing.

Have a great time.




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