Aldo Bag SOMMACAMPAGNA In Light Pink


Hello everyone!

I haven’t written a fashion related blog post for ages but last week I received quite a few items and I can’t wait to share them all with you.

Let’s start with what I consider to be my best buy. I’m talking about the faux leather bag SOMMACAMPAGNA from the brand Aldo in light pink. I ordered it online from the Swiss website and paid CHF 70.00. I saw it online at for approx. $ 51.85, at for approx. £ 49.99, at for approx. EUR 59.99 and at for approx. EUR 59.95. The colours range from cream, apricot, baby pink and as an accent colour a little bit of black. The piece of resistance here is no doubt the silver medallion mounted on a sparkling rosegold tone fabric ribbon. It looks like a sunburst with faux crystals at the end of each ray. The centre is encrusted with more crystals and one big white faux pearl.

As soon as I saw this cute bag online I was in love but as I got it home and hold it in my hands I was totally over the moon. If these sort of muted colours speak to you I would highly recommend this Aldo bag. I can’t tell you enough how much I love this gorgeous girly bag. For this price, you can’t expect real leather but trust me the craftsmanship here is top notch. I can’t see wonky stitches, everything is straight. No need to be embarrassed to show off this SOMMACAMPAGNA Aldo bag. I had faux leather handbags in the past where I wasn’t entirely happy with the stitching. To me, this bag looks like a high-end fashion designer one but without the price tag.

My star sign is Virgo and I’m a perfectionist and the first thing I look at is the stitching. By the way, do you know what the name of my blog means? Sempre perfetta moda e bellezza is Italian and means “Always perfect fashion and beauty”. You see I’m so obsessed with the word perfect that I even choose to use it in my blog name.

This bag goes so well with my Zign pink shoes and this wasn’t planned. I bought them separately and it just happened. You see sometimes you’re lucky and even without searching you find the right shade. If I put the shoes and the bag together there is practically no significant difference in colour between them. Stay tuned for the review of my shoes which is coming tomorrow.

The measurements of the bag are approx. H8 inch. x L12 inch. x W4 inch. / H21 cm x L30 cm x W11 cm and it comes with a separate strap. I would call it a middle-sized bag, not a very small one but neither a shopper. It has a magnetic closure and silvertone hardware. Weight: approx. 1.08 lb. / 490 gr. Despite being so light the bag stands upright by its own without toppling over even when empty. I can easily put things in the bag and take them out because the faux leather isn’t stiff which is another bonus.

If I had to rate this handbag I would give 5 stars out of 5.

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It isn’t sponsored. I bought the bag myself and paid for it with my own money.

Do you like this type of bag? Please let me know in the comments below. I’d like to hear your opinion.

Thanks for reading my post, and have a wonderful time.

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