FAYE JEWELRY Silver Tone Mesh Strap Bracelet and Charms



Worn as a bracelet


Worn as an anklet



Hello everyone!

This type of bracelet is now very popular on Instagram and I adore it so much that I had to jump on the bandwagon too. I couldn’t really miss out – no no no. FYI nowadays I don’t follow automatically every trend that comes out. It has to suit my style otherwise I just ignore it. I used to buy a lot of things that were in and the result was a lot of items sitting around just collecting dust and a nearly empty bank account. Please don’t do that. I learnt my lesson and now I stick to my rule. If an item doesn’t go with a couple of things that I already own I simply don’t buy it. Not easy I know but don’t waste your hard earned money on a piece just because a lot of celebrities are wearing it. Ask yourself: Does it fit my lifestyle? Does it go with my existing wardrobe? How often will I wear it? Hopefully, I haven’t scared you…

I ordered this beautiful bracelet with a bunch of lovely charms from faye.co in Germany. I like the idea of being able to buy separate charms so I can create/customize my own bracelet simply by changing the charms. Clever idea. When I’m fed up with the style I just change the charms and I’ve a brand new design and people will think that I just bought another bracelet. To add or remove a charm you just slide it. Very simple.

In the 90’s anklets were so popular and I adored them so I thought why not wear this bracelet as an anklet. I tried it on and I’m lucky because it fits. I used the last hole = 20 cm / 7.87″. Don’t you think it looks stunning? I’m always searching for alternative ways to wear an item. It doesn’t work every time but this time it did and I’m so happy.

If this style appeals to you check their website. They’ve necklaces, bracelets, charms and rings. Every item is available (as long as it’s in stock) in silver tone, yellow gold tone and rose gold tone and the best is they ship worldwide. If you want to add a matching watch you can buy it on their partner website paul-valentine.com (ships worldwide too). I haven’t bought any watches because I already own quite a few and the dials are too big for my tiny wrist. If I’d also add a few bracelets it would be too much but if you’ve an average wrist they look awesome.

It isn’t sponsored. I bought these items myself and paid for them with my own money.

Do you like this style? Please let me know in the comments below. I’d like to hear your opinion.

Thanks for reading my post, and have a wonderful time.

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