Hello everyone!

Nowadays you can find mascara wands in various shapes and material but do you always know which brush shape is the best for you? Well, it really depends on what you want to achieve.

Let’s find out together what each wand shape will do and when to use it.

Curved/Crescent Mascara Wands
Do you want your eyes to pop? In this case, curling your eyelashes is a must. Choose a mascara wand that’s curved in the middle, place it so that it naturally cups the shape of your eye, and lightly sweep outwards.

Rubber Mascara Wands
They’re the best if you want a lot of volume, because they can easily bend from root to end. Unlike regular bristles which can be stiff and more difficult to control rubber bristles flex with movement and shape the eye and therefore are easier to use.

Small Bristles
Best suited for short eyelashes because you can get very close to your eye, and even apply a coat to the bottom lashes. Always remember: The smaller the bristles, the better control you have.

Comb-like Mascara Wands
The superfine bristles are ideal for elongating each lash. If you want length, pick a wand with longer more separated bristles that have a comb-like look. These wands are amazing if you want to avoid clumping.

How do you choose your mascara? Which is your favourite one and why? Please let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading my post, and have a wonderful time.

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